Yazza Gaffix

Only one page?


Part of a photo essay that I am working on.


Photos of friends and volunteers.


A street ministry that I volunteer at.

Why only a one-page website?

Here’s the deal: we design and build multiple web sites every year, we are always working on web sites. After doing it for our many clients all day, we really don’t feel like doing it for ourselves.

Most marketing companies have big, loud, shouty sites. We prefer to remain quiet and display some of our photos. Think of this understatement as an indication of our confidence.

This site is simple and uses key phrases we hear from our clients. Many marketing companies fill their website with marketing jargon, like, “Be authentic with your customer journey and segment your funnel interactions to reduce bounce and control PPC with effective CTAs…” in our experience most of our client say things like, “Do you build web sites?” and “We need a video.”

We don’t publish our portfolio of web sites, videos, logos etc., because so much of our work is done for other agencies and marketing companies, and they don’t like us being too public about the fact that we are their creative staff. Contact us and we can send you lots of samples of our work.

Yazza Gaffix is part of a network of marketing industry professionals, self-employed and small business creative people, including: web developers, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, writers, illustrators, animators, social media experts, etc. You have probably seen our work.

You name a marketing skill and we have people who do that!